Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room: RIP Jason

Jason Wheatley is no longer the bi-weekly host of the Living Room’s open mic (and as far as I know that’s “bi-weekly” and not “bi weekly”). Considering the crowds all summer at the Living Room, MC Jason’s last show was surprisingly low key, but the night featured many LR regulars such as Keith Lewis, Adrien, Greg, Justin Taylor, Roz King/Mike Scanlon, and myself. The first time I saw Jason perform was probably a little under a year ago doing his great rendition of “Georgia on my Mind.” He’s a talented performer and songwriter and I’m sure he’ll be playing around town a lot. Sure he laughs at his own jokes a little too much and occasionally has trouble stalling for time while waiting on open mic performers, but hosting an event like that week in and week out is difficult. He always encouraged the crowd to support the musicians and that’s probably why so many came back each week. Good luck Jason. Taking over for him will be long time south jersey performer, Roz King.

I played “I Hope I Die on the Moon,” “Headstart,” Gomez’s “Get Miles”, and a soon to be retitled song. It was the first time in a while I played without one of my giant “dorito” style picks. “I Hope I Die on the Moon” practically requires using the bigger picks, so I think I’ll make sure I have one on me from now on. I also played “Headstart” using the capo I just bought. That was the first time I have ever used a capo live since I started playing out (7 years ago!) and I liked it.

I looked over my web site statistics and people are still mostly coming to my site from Google to read about Collingswood’s new restaurant, the Tortilla Press. It makes me wonder if I should do restuarant reviews on here. Here’s your guide to good Collingswood area dining:

  1. Tortilla Press (Corner of Haddon Ave and Collings Ave):
    Great gourmet “mexican inspired” food. Bring some tequila and order their virgin margaritas.

  2. Crystal Lake Diner (Cuthbert Ave. near Wendy’s and Freddy’s Liquor Store):
    Definitely the best diner in the immediate area.

  3. Lo’s Chinese Restuarant (Haddon Ave):
    Good chinese food for take out or dining there.

  4. The Living Room (Corner of Haddon Ave and Collings Ave):
    They have great breakfast sandwhiches and good coffee.

Now I’m going to sit back and watch this hits pour in.


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    You have one of those Doritos picks, too?!
    I had one for awhile and I think I lost it. They were quite thick but I like that – they were good. Mine had a picture of some singer named "Rebekah" on it.
    Yeah Jason will be sorely missed. He is a really really good guy. I have usually been solo when I go to the Living Room, and he was always there to talk to.
    John S

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    Oh, about the pick comment,
    In case you have no clue what I’M talking about Re: "Dorito" pick, there were actual guitar picks from Doritos bags a few years back. Killer promo, if you ask me.

  3. I was using the dorito picks exclusively for a while, but I think I’m going to mix it up from now on if I can. I can’t stand using flimsy picks. They break almost immediately for me.


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    Hey this is Miria, I would like to clear up the misunderstanding of my song title. I was a little nervous that night the song is called "So Let me Be" I shorten it and maybe everyone heard it was called Let it be, but I said let me be. I know about all music licensing and stealing music,ASCAP and BMI would be on me. I even worked for music promotional company called Spobs music. INC in montclair. So please clear up that comment on your site, I would appriecate it. Me and Dave are playing this tues night at Mokas in PA next to Drexel university and Universtiy of Penn we were invited by the Host, come all it is open mic 8:30-1am.bye had fun at the open mic at the living room.

  5. Done and done. Apologies all around.

  6. funnypants07 Avatar

    hey it’s jason wheatley, just found this article. thanks so much for the encouraging words…you guys choke me up.*tear* and unfortunately i will laugh at my own jokes my entire life. i’m cursed with the worst case of “inter-personal humor”: a condition that has plagued many comedy greats such as Andy Kaufman and the likes. you just have to be in my head…then it’s HILARAIOUS.

    much love, jason

  7. funnypants07 Avatar

    note: must remind myself to proofread my comments…”hillarious”…i think.

  8. I wouldn’t call it a curse, but rather a disease, because occasionally it causes others to laugh as well.

    The popularity of that open mic had a lot to do with your hosting.