Sea Change and How to Pull from the Bin

I picked up Beck’s new album, Sea Change, the other day and so far I like it a lot. I’ll do a proper review after I’ve listened to it a dozen times. I got it at Tunes in Marlton, NJ and every time I go there I like to go through their huge bargain bin. Everything is 2/$5 in the bin and you can find some great stuff. I like to pick out stuff I’ve never heard of before since you’re only out $2.50 if it sucks. The problem is how do you determine whether a CD is even worth $2.50? The only criteria I can think of is the CD artwork, the band name, and the song titles. The artwork and band name usually stand out the most to tell you if the CD has potential or not, but make sure you look at the song titles as well. Many times I have bought CDs without looking over what turned out to be pretentious, shitty songs without any idea that they just came from the $2.50 bargain bin. If a song think of itself as the best song ever and ends up in the bin you know it has failed. I only want to buy CDs that anticipate being cheap and aren’t afraid to be worth less than a six pack of Bud. Too many bands try to write the great American/British Rock/Folk/Pop/Rap song and fail miserably. I’d rather see a band shoot for the 427th greatest song ever and actually pull it off. I’m just venting because I bought an extremely bad CD from Tunes that seemed to have a lot of potential.