Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

This is actually a recap of last Monday’s open mic at the Living Room in Collingswood. I was late in getting there, so I missed Broken Bones, the featured artists this week. Many of the regular performers were sick or at least pretended to be, but you couldn’t tell from the performances. Jason, Adrien, Willie and the guy Greg sounded great. The standout performance was definitely Cathy’s. I’ve heard her play a few times and she definitely played at a higher level than usual on Monday. She sounded terrific. She’s headed off to college, but I’m sure she’ll be around as long as the Living Room doesn’t go out of business while she’s gone (that’s what happened to all the places I played in high school).


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    Hey Ben! And Co…
    It’s Cathy! From College=) Just browsing to see if the living room has created a site yet and I found this one! Thanks so much for your amazing compliments…..MISS THE LIVING ROOM CREW SOOOOO MUCH! Hope everyone’s doing well! Talk to ya’ll soon I hope-Thanksgivingish? Take Care!

  2. Hey! I’m glad to see someone is paying attention to this site.

    The living room should definitely have a website to post their menu and music schedule. I hope college is going well for you so far.