It Rained at the Unlimited Sunshine Concert

The Unlimited Sunshine concert rocked last night at the Mann. Modest Mouse, Cake, De La Soul and the Flaming Lips put on a great show and although I liked everyone I think the Flaming Lips impressed me the most. They came out wearing rabbit and frog suits and showed movie clips during their songs. Using their TV appearences the Lips showed Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart introducing them on their respective shows (Stewart’s being his old MTV show, not his current Comedy Central show, but not his really really old show Short Attention Span Theater that no one remembers anymore).
Cake played really well, too and I liked hearing a few songs from their only album I own, Motorcade of Generosity, even if they didn’t play any of my three favorite songs from that album (Rock and Roll Lifestyle, I Bombed Korea, and Jolene).

The oddest thing about the whole show as how quiet the music was. For the first time in my life I came home from a concert wishing the music had been louder. I had no problem carrying on a conversation with anyone around me. I’m going to see BB King there next week so I’ll see if it’s the standard practice for the Mann.

Who cares if it rained? No one at the Mann enforces seating restrictions.