I Saw BB King @ The Mann

Last night I caught BB King at the Mann Music Center. Like most people I’m not a huge BB King fan, but I respect his talent and career immensely. He’s 76 years old and can’t play forever, so I decided to check him out and it was well worth it. The weather was horrible, but luckily they don’t check your tickets at the Mann. At first we sat up in the balcony and the sound was awful, but I was blown away when we finally moved downstairs. BB King and his band are great showmen and awesome musicians.

My web host, ipowerweb.com, has great statistics that give me information on how people find and use this site. If someone types something into a search engine like Google or AllTheWeb and visits my website then I can tell what search terms were used. Typical ones are “open mic in philadelphia area” and “open mic night coffee house collingswood nj.”

Listen to this one: “went to a nudist party tonight and had a great time seeing ever” My website is the 2nd result if you search for this text on Google and I think what pushes me over the top is one of my Deep Thought quotes in the top right corner about sitting on Santa’s lap in nudist colonies. I also saw two people came in searching for information about the new Collingswood restuarant, Tortilla Press. I read my old comments about it and I realize I was a little harsh. My food has always been terrific there and I can’t wait to go back again. The Tortilla Press is awesome!