Month: October 2010

  • Am I Achieving My 2010 Goals?

    Ouch. I just looked up my goals for 2010 and I am NOT doing well. Here’s my progress so far. 1. Read 12 Books – Easily completed this already. A few I listened to using and I read the Purple Cow on my iPhone with the Kindle app. So far I’ve read The Visual…

  • 5K Results for Collingswood Book Festival

    They posted the results for the Collingswood Book Festival 5K. I wasn’t thrilled with my time of 25:14, and I’m hoping to hit around 24:30 in a 5K next month.

  • Increasing Data Density in Web Design

    I changed the layout on this site in response to what I took away from my session with Ed Tufte. Here’s an applicable quote from Tufte: Whatever reasonably serves the content, avoids non-content pixels (including navigation and designer pixels) as much as possible, favors user scanning over substantial amounts of material rather than premature linking,…

  • Sparklines in HTML5

    I wrote some code to make Sparklines in HTML5, but it was too tied to what I was working on. Tonight I broke it out on its own as a generic javascript function. Check it out. Read more about Sparklines.

  • Tufte Course Review and Notes

    Yesterday I attended Ed Tufte’s one day course on Presenting Data and Information. His book, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, completely changed the way I think about data. If you love his book, I highly recommend his course. He doesn’t cover a lot of new ground, but he puts emphasis on a few things…