Month: October 2008

  • World Phucking Champions

  • Phillies Parade

    I know I’m counting my chickens, but as far as I know none of the Phillies read this blog. ?In 1983 the parade took place on a Thursday after a Tuesday victory. ?That means a parade could be as early as Wednesday.? The Sixers won their championship on a Tuesday night, and the parade was…

  • Phillies Win Game 4

    The only better birthday present than a Phillies World Series win is two Phillies World Series wins.? It almost makes turning 30 bearable. Joe Blanton’s home run was awesome.

  • Philadelphia and Tampa Bay: A Odd Rivalry

    Could the 2008 World Series cement an already budding rivalry between the cities of Philadelphia and Tampa Bay? These places couldn’t be more different, but for some reason their paths have crossed. Granted, the Rays play in St Petersburg and the Buccaneer’s play in Tampa, but we’ll ignore that inconvenient fact. Facts: Philadelphia:? The City…

  • Go Phillies

    I still can’t believe the Phillies are in the World Series. ? One thing that is kind of funny, my traffic spikes every time Cole pitches because of this article I wrote in 07. ?I guess there are a lot of Cole and Heidi Hamels fans out there.

  • Phillies Go Up 3-1

    The Phillies are one game away from the World Series. ?Who is ready to tear down William Penn’s statue and put up Shane Victorino?

  • Monkey Waiters in Japan

    Ok, this is awesome.

  • Kicking Richard Reid to the History Books

    Normally I don’t curse on this site, but I can’t help it for this post so eye-muff the kids. One person who is on my all time shit list is Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. He, of course, tried to blow up a 767 while flying from Paris to Miami by smuggling a bomb in…

  • iTunes Genius

    I finally got around to downloading the latest version of iTunes and with it came their new Genius playlist feature. Here’s how it works: You pick a song in your library you like, hit the Genius button, and it generates a playlist from your library of 25 complimentary songs. I was skeptical, but tried it…