Shout Out Roll Call

I figured I’d give some more shout outs to my blogroll members with halfway decent updating procedures….

James is has a review of a recent Constantines show, but you’ll definitely want to check out the Les Savy Fav review below it.


700Level is getting pumped for the upcoming Phillies / Diamondbacks series


If Acoustic Ross can update his blog once and a while, there is hope for us all. He has some new songs posted on myspace and a link to a cat playing a theremin. I think he has some gigs coming up, but he lives in Tulsa.


Dan Rubin’s BLINQ has moved to a new location. Glad I checked!


Kelly is still rocking out the posts on her new blog and I love this one about her math bee confession. Here’s a pic of me and her at Jake’s wedding.


Kristin is busy tuning up her deathtrap.


John Shaughnessy posted lyrics to an old song he’s embarrassed about now. If I started doing that I would have time for nothing else. He also posted a video of a new song he wrote.

Also I found this picture of John on myspace


2 responses to “Shout Out Roll Call”

  1. ttb123 Avatar

    Thanks for the great plug for my D-backs, Ben. I’ll take the split and I’m sure you will too. Care to put Webby’s pic up? 😉

  2. I’m just glad someone noticed. Thanks for the plug, Ben!

    Possible east coast dates this fall, once the new record’s out. If the tour happens, Philly and NYC are high on the list.