Shout Out Roll Call

I figured I’d give some more shout outs to my blogroll members with halfway decent updating procedures….

James is has a review of a recent Constantines show, but you’ll definitely want to check out the Les Savy Fav review below it.


700Level is getting pumped for the upcoming Phillies / Diamondbacks series


If Acoustic Ross can update his blog once and a while, there is hope for us all. He has some new songs posted on myspace and a link to a cat playing a theremin. I think he has some gigs coming up, but he lives in Tulsa.


Dan Rubin’s BLINQ has moved to a new location. Glad I checked!


Kelly is still rocking out the posts on her new blog and I love this one about her math bee confession. Here’s a pic of me and her at Jake’s wedding.


Kristin is busy tuning up her deathtrap.


John Shaughnessy posted lyrics to an old song he’s embarrassed about now. If I started doing that I would have time for nothing else. He also posted a video of a new song he wrote.

Also I found this picture of John on myspace