Month: June 2006

  • Mark Garvey’s Songs 3/4: Oldest Baby in the World

    As promised, here’s the next installment of my Dad’s songs. It’s a John Prine song called the Oldest Baby in the World and it’s ripped from an old video tape. Dad played it right after the first song I posted, Fool Such as I, so you’ll hear the rest of us occasionally. Sarah always sang…

  • Scamming the Scammers

    You know those ridiculous email scams you always get where the guy in Africa says he needs to smuggle $25 million out of his country with your help and you’ll get 10% if you help him? There’s a site out there of people who scam the scammers back. The greatest one has the anti-scammer pretending…

  • Ever Try Canceling AOL?

    I know I’m late in linking to this, but I just actually listened to it today. A guy recorded himself trying to cancel his AOL account. It’s well known that AOL offers up passive resistance to doing so, but I never thought it would be this bad. Listen to the call here.

  • Digg Cutie Theater

    Hey Cutie Theater fans out there, I submitted it to, so if you ever visit that site please digg it here. Thanks!

  • Podcast on Disabled Musical Prodigies

    I’ve seen this piece on 60 Minutes before, but they just released it as a podcast. It’s the story of children who have severe mental disabilities who are somehow able to tap into amazing musical talent. One of the kids could play Mozart before she could say “mama.” It’s fascinating, so check it out.

  • English Muffins

    Isn’t it annoying that english muffins have one good side and one bad side? The bad side is still ok to eat, but it doesn’t hold the butter/peanut butter/jelly as well as it’s non-identical twin. If anyone can figure out a way to make an english muffin with two good sides you’d probably become a…

  • Firefox Tip

    I heard about this on FLOSS Weekly’s interview with Ben Goodger, one of the creators of Firefox. They asked him what features in Firefox are underused and he said “keyword searches.” To use this feature, go to a site you do a lot of searching on like IMDB and right click on the search box.…

  • Picklephobia

    Wow. This girl is afraid of pickles.

  • Mark Garvey’s Songs 2/4: I’m Coming Home

    As promised, here’s the next installment of my Dad’s songs. This one was really a surprise to me. I’ve heard the song before, but I only heard him play it once or twice. He recorded it on his minidisc recorder and the sound quality is fantastic. It’s a great Robert Earl Keen song called “I’m…

  • It’s a Girl!

    We had the ultrasound yesterday and we’re proud to announce we’re having a girl!

  • Total Comments Now Listed on

    On my Dad’s memorial site I added a feature that displays the total number of comments for each story next to it in the listing. That way you’ll be able to see if new comments have been made since you last loaded the site.

  • Thou Shalt Not Talk to Colbert

    Stephen Colbert totally nails Congressman Westmoreland (R-Ga) on his stance of putting the ten commandments in courthouses. Colbert asks him to name them. Guess how many he can come up with.

  • Mark Garvey’s Songs 1/4: Fool Such as I

    I’m finally ready to post these. Many of you know that my Dad was a musician. In fact, I learned to play guitar on that big beautiful Guild he had. He didn’t write many songs, but mostly played his favorite artists such as John Prine, John Hiatt, Robert Earl Keen, and Todd Snider. My Dad’s…

  • Hawking: Humans, Get Your Ass to Space

    Renowned physicist and author Stephen Hawking thinks we are wasting our opportunity to create a human colony away from Earth. He thinks we’re risking the destruction of the human race from “sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of.” See also, MC Hawking.

  • Memories of Mark Garvey

    I set up a website for my people to post memories of my Dad. The main story posting is a modified guestbook, but the commenting is all new code I wrote for it. Eventually I’ll probably move it all over to custom code, but for now it works.

  • We’re Having a Baby

    Yes, you read that right. I’m proud to announce that on or around November 13th, 2006, Jeanne and I will be the proud parents of a new baby. Hopefully in a few weeks we should know if it’s a girl or a boy. So far the baby is doing fine. The books say it can…

  • Living on Monkey Chow

    This guy is living on a diet of Monkey Chow for a week and keeping a daily blog. So far he’s lost 5 lbs and his poop is described as “problematic.”

  • Mistaken Identity

    It’s been tough to post anything on here since my Dad died, but this story was just too incredible and devastating to pass over. I’m sure it will be all over the news this week. The story involves two Taylor University students in a car crash resulting in one of them dying and the other…