Mark Garvey’s Songs 1/4: Fool Such as I

I’m finally ready to post these. Many of you know that my Dad was a musician. In fact, I learned to play guitar on that big beautiful Guild he had. He didn’t write many songs, but mostly played his favorite artists such as John Prine, John Hiatt, Robert Earl Keen, and Todd Snider. My Dad’s renditions of these songs are legendary at family functions, which might sound like I’m overstating it but my Mom’s family is huge. She’s one of fourteen kids.

After my Dad died I searched through some old videos and minidisc recordings he did and found four decent recordings of his music. My plan is to release one song per week here on the site, so every Friday there will be a new song by Mark Garvey. The first one is a cover of an old standard done by Dylan, Elvis, and many more. I have no idea who wrote it, but that’s not important. The song is stripped from a video taken by my Mom when I was about 11 or 12, so you’ll hear some random audio during it. Enjoy.

Mark Garvey – Fool Such as I


8 responses to “Mark Garvey’s Songs 1/4: Fool Such as I”

  1. PrincessPink Avatar

    I give great hugs… according to Mom at least ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Ben, that’s awesome. Isn’t his laugh at the end priceless?

  2. Very nice. I love the random home video audio throughout. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. BridgetB Avatar

    That was a nice way to start my day. Thanks for sharing Ben.

  4. BridgetB Avatar

    And Sarah, his laugh at the end is priceless.

  5.  Avatar

    The recordings are even more priceless because they aren’t “perfect”! (small children in the background, laughing…)

  6.  Avatar

    That was me, Holly. Why am I “guy incognito”?

  7. Because you aren’t logged in.

  8. Hey! My post disappeared!