Tom Gillam Benefit Concert

Local musician Tom Gillam had 3 heart attacks last month, but is remarkably getting better. They’re holding a benefit concert for him. I’m guessing maybe because he didn’t have insurance, but I’m not sure about that. From his website:

Just wanted to update everyone on the condition of Tom Gillam. After suffering 3 heart attacks early Tuesday morning, he is taking a turn in the direction of a full recovery. He is expected to be discharged early this week. He will return home and begin a very slow rehabilitation process. At this point his doctors feel there is minimal to no permanent damage. When I visited Tom last night he wanted me to let everyone know he is surprisingly overcome with the outpouring of support from friends and colleagues. The amount of phone calls, emails, flowers and cards were unbelievable. ( I printed out each and every email sent to as well as emails and comments left on his myspace page. I then delivered them to him daily in the hospital. He was very overcome with emotion when reading all of your get well messages). Tom promises to reply to each and every email over the next few weeks. Tom says “THANKS AND I LOVE YOU ALL”

Tom used to host the Grape Street open mic back when I used to hang out there a lot and he was always a super nice guy to me. I hope he gets better soon!

Update: Actually, he’s out of the hospital. There’s a bunch more information on the Courier Post’s website.


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  1. JohnS Avatar

    Hey Ben,
    Glad to see this posted, if a bit late.
    Anyway, the Whiskey Dix benefit next week has an amazing lineup. I’m going. Anybody else?