Corzine: Pump Your Own Gas

New Jersey is one of two states in the nation that doesn’t allow its citizens to pump its own gas. Gas stations must pay attendants to pump the gas for you. In an effort to lower gas prices, Governor Corzine wants to look into whether that would help along with lowering speed limits.

Stating that lowering oil consumption and demand is a key part of the equation, Corzine said his administration also is studying whether to roll back the state’s 65 mph speed limit. The top speed had been 55 mph before 1998.

Corzine said he will ask the Legislature to swiftly authorize a three-month trial for self-serve stations along the Turnpike and in a few other spots. He said studies show lifting the ban could reduce gas prices by up to 6 cents per gallon through “management efficiencies.”

If the trial period proved savings were being passed along to consumers, he said, he would push for a permanent statewide lifting of the ban.

Do I think NJ should allow people to pump their own gas? Yes, but will it lower prices? I don’t know. Most smaller gas stations would have to pay a guy to be there anyway and I usually only see one person working. Then again, I’ve rarely seen attendants able to keep up during busier times.


2 responses to “Corzine: Pump Your Own Gas”

  1. No self-serve, thats gotta suck, but at least there would be less run-offs.

    I like being able to go to a closed gas station that has 24-hour pumps if you pay with credit card and pumping my own gas.

  2. I can’t imagine it would lowere prices much, if at all. We don’t have attendants in AZ and regular unleaded is about $3.05-$3.09 here. Is it that much higher there? On a local radio show people were calling in to complain about gas prices. One lady who owns a gas station with her husband said they don’t make much on the gas at all. All their profit is on the convenience store. She said that all the gas money gets handed up the the gas company, just about.