Yard Sale

We had a town wide yard sale on Saturday and the weather was great. We unloaded a ton of stuff and made about $300. I started taking our stuff outside at 7:45AM and our yard was packed by 8:00! The vultures were even going through our boxes that we hadn’t unpacked yet. Haha.

The only disappointing part was the few number of Audubon residents who participated. I think they should have promoted it a little more. Maybe next year.


3 responses to “Yard Sale”

  1. yellowcardgreenday7 Avatar

    hey, more money for you 😉

  2. $300 is awesome! what kind of stuff did you sell? haddon township is having a big one next weekend i think.

  3. I sold all my old comics, a few DVDs, some kitchen stuff we didn’t have room for, books, decorations, etc. It’s pretty hard to list everything.