Cryptonomicon Spam

I’m getting really freaked out by all the spam I’m getting lately containing quotes from Neal Stephensen’s Cryptonomicon. Here is one of of the subjects:

The knock on Rudolf von Hacklheber’s door had come at four o’clock in the morning, a time exploited by the Gestapo for its psychological effect. Rudy is wide awake. Even if bombers had not been pounding Berlin all night long, he would have been awake, because he has neither seen nor heard from Angelo in three days. He throws a dressing gown over his pajamas, steps into slippers, and opens the door of his flat to reveal, predictably, a small, prematurely withered man backed up by a couple of classic Gestapo killers in long black leather coats


Others have had the same problem.


One response to “Cryptonomicon Spam”

  1. i would like some snow crash spam, please!