UTO – Ubiquitous Terrell Owens

I was away for a few days last week and as I was catching up on a few shows via TiVo, I felt like I was watching the same show over and over. Why? Because TV this week was non-stop TO.

John Stewart called him a “dick” on the Daily Show

Conan talked to him via sattelite where “TO” apologized and said he was sorry that we are not all as great as he is. He also said he would start his own football team called The Terrell Owens Terrell Owenss’ and that they were going all the way to the Terrell Bowl.

Stephen Colbert spliced Drew Rosenhaus’s (TO’s agent) press conference with a white house press conference to see if Rosenhaus could be the next press secretary.

SNL spoofed McNabb and Wilma McNabb on Weekend Update.

Also, Monday Night Football did a hilarious fake ending to the game where McNabb threw an interception and lost.