bengarvey is a GameShow Master

Alright, I finally made the GameShow masters list. Did I finally win a month? Hell no, but I am the 8th best optional doubler of all time.

ANYONE can take the optional double twice per edition – but these players do it better than you. Players must have used more than 17.5 doubles
1. gg Wellington, New Zealand 144.42 ppg (19 doubles used)
2. TeriBelle Phoenix, AZ 127.32 ppg (38 doubles used)
3. gizmo11 Wilmington, DE 126.19 ppg (21 doubles used)
4. TODSQUAD Albany, NY 124.78 ppg (46 doubles used)
5. ivector Helena, Montana 124.73 ppg (41 doubles used)
6. kasgameshow Imageworks, CA 124.04 ppg (45 doubles used)
7. peggyhaley Mesa, AZ 122.91 ppg (22 doubles used)
8. bengarvey Audubon, NJ 122.74 ppg (35 doubles used)
9. bensmom Hammonton, NJ 121.94 ppg (32 doubles used)
10. TedZahn San Francisco, CA 121.86 ppg (42 doubles used)


3 responses to “bengarvey is a GameShow Master”

  1. At least you got the glory of edging out your Mom at no. 9

  2. PrincessPink Avatar

    oh man you beat mom, i think thats worse than having a tattoo on the naughty or nice list for christmas. 😉
    congrats to the both of you though, and aunt peggy too!

  3. Congrats, Ben. And congrats to both our Moms.