First Tie

The first tie game in Odd Man In history occurred last night when Mr Charcoal made a failed assassination attempt against someone, leaving Mr Sapphire (Gobby) and Mr Brown (vitamin_g) as the final two. Since they both had the same score and the same number of shots against them, a tie was called. I need to think of some new tiebreakers The leading candidates have to do with self shots or shooting no one.

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3 responses to “First Tie”

  1. I already made a suggestion about using self-shooting and/or shooting nobody to break a tie but I thought of another idea. How about letting the dead vote on the winner? If you step on everyone on the way up, it may come back to haunt you.

  2. Blakey has suggested this and while I think it’s a good idea, it would take a lot of code to implement it. I’d rather spend time on stuff that gets used more frequently, although I won’t rule out doing it down the line.

  3. I’m no expert, I just thought if there was an easy way to re-enable the dead to make one shot and only list the two living players in the box, it would serve the purpose of voting. Perhaps that is complicated to set up, I have no idea. No matter, I had a blast even if I broke the system by trying to assassinate someone so quickly after the round ended. Thanks for the fun!