KOL Ascension

For any Kingdom of Loathing players out there, you should check it out again if you haven’t been. You can now defeat the Naughty Sorceress and ascend into heaven where you can then decide to start over again as a new class. Once you do that there’s all sorts of new content just for people who are playing the game for a second time. Think of it like the original Zelda’a 2nd Quest, but for KOL.

If you’ve never tried KOL before, here’s it’s FAQ. At first I thought it was an elaborate hoax of a game, but it turned out to be an extremely elaborate hoax of a game instead.

Jesus I need a Games topic.






5 responses to “KOL Ascension”

  1. hipp Avatar

    They deleted Fistulous a long time ago, and I was sad.

  2. hipp Avatar

    And yet so deep was and is my love for KoL, I created a new account. For I am Geshoden, ninja master of accordion thievery.

  3. AcousticRoss Avatar

    I finally decided to sign up over there — so far it’s everything I always wished Zork was. But if I wind up spending half as much time on KoL as I do on OMI, I’m blaming you for my resulting unemployment and singlehood.

  4. ben Avatar

    Kol is really addicting. Thankfully, they limit the number of turns you can have per day.

    I remember playing a little Zork, but I made the mistake of trying it after Infocom’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It didn’t seem as fun after that.

  5. Gobby Avatar

    I decided to try it out after seeing your post. Yet another game addiction. I knew my life was missing something.

    Wolfman has nards.