So Long Stephenie

So far I’ve enjoyed Survivor: Palau, mostly due to the fierce competitiveness and smart strategizing of Philadelphian, Stephenie Lagrossa. Her tribe became the first to lose every single immunity challenge, but it was her teammates that consistantly let the tribe down. Stephenie kicked ass wherever and whenever asses were found and her possible comeback was a great story to follow. Last week she was about to get booted off of Palau, but Janu, the Vegas showgirl with unmeasurable body fat, decided to quit instead.

I didn’t think Stephenie had a chance this week, but she did her best. She tried to get together an all female alliance (which never works), but Caryn ruined it by telling Tom. I think Caryn is in love with Tom. I wish the immunity challenge would have let Stephenie go head to head against the others in running or swimming, but instead they threw coconuts into squares.

This is the first Survivor post I’ve made here in a while, so I want to say so long to Stephenie and they ever do an All-Stars 2 (hopefully they won’t, because the first one sucked) you’ll definitely be on it. Great job.