Crime Quiz

Imaging you’re doing some roofing work and you find a bunch of old currency, worth $120,000 to a collector. Would you

A) Alert the owner of the house?
B) Take it, lay low and sell it discretely to a collector?
C) Take it, call the media, and pretended you dug it up in your backyard? And take photos of yourself like this:

METHUEN, Mass. Apr 29, 2005 ? Four men who made headlines by claiming they dug up buried treasure worth as much as $125,000 from one of their yards were charged Friday with stealing the cache of old currency while doing a roofing job at someone’s home.

The arrests came after the men made several appearances on national television, and police noticed how the story seemed to change each time.


2 responses to “Crime Quiz”

  1. I’d go with A. I mean . . . his house, his possessions, right?

    do i get to go to heaven now?

  2. MisBish Avatar

    tell me he is not wearing a WWF t-shirt….