Month: February 2005

  • Open Mic Recap @ Bamboo Bernies (02/23/05)

    I guess I couldn’t get enough local music last Wednesday, because after the Treehouse open mic I went over to Justin’s open mic at Bamboo Bernies. His photolog provides evidence that it’s not usually as dead as it was that night. I played 5 or 6 songs but broke a string during Built to Spill’s…

  • Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House (02/23/05)

    Last Wednesday I went to the Treehouse open mic and was happy to see the musicians turning out again. John Shaughnessy, Johnny Miles, and the Forest Greens all made appearances. A guy named Jeff played some interesting blues tunes, and Rob made me one of my favorite sandwiches ever. If you go in there and…

  • No Hate Mail?

    Even though I got tons of traffic from google about my y100 post, I didn’t get any hate mail from y100 fans. This guy got plenty.

  • Interpol Postponed

    If anyone was planning to go to the Interpol show tonight, it was postponed to March 27th.

  • I got Triumphed!

    Triumph, the insult comic dog thinks my site is pretty good!

  • Hapland Game

    You have to try this awesome flash game called Hapland. It took me forever to figure out how to beat it. The object is to get the little stickfigure guy into his home on the right so he can activate some interdimensional portal thing.

  • So Long y100

    The word on the street is that y100 is changing formats. This makes sense considering Grape Street’s Tuesday Night Music Club switching to WMMR and some of the DJs moving there, too. The last station I liked in this town was WDRE (103.9) which switched to a hip-hop station when I was in high school.…

  • Final Four!

    A View to an Autokill has reached the final four! We saw an impressive number of kills for the third round in a row with 4 of 8 players biting the dust. A final four round is significant because it is potentially the last round of the game. If only two players are left standing…

  • 3 New Songs Posted

    I borrowed my Dad’s minidisc player and microphone today. Guess what that means? I finally got around to recording a rough demo of two songs I’ve been playing regularly for almost two years now, plus a brand new one. Here they are. 99% – The story of a guy who gets abducted by aliens while…

  • A View to an Autokill

    The latest game of Odd Man In has been the complete opposite of One Shot is Not Enough. Most players were surprised when A View to an Autokill went from 25 to 15 players in one round, but then tonight they went from 15 to 8, the maximum number of death without an AUTOKILL! Currently…