3 New Songs Posted

I borrowed my Dad’s minidisc player and microphone today. Guess what that means? I finally got around to recording a rough demo of two songs I’ve been playing regularly for almost two years now, plus a brand new one. Here they are.

99% – The story of a guy who gets abducted by aliens while driving down Route 206 in New Jersey.

All My Dreams are in Cartoon – My brother Jake once said that most of his dreams were in cartoon and I thought that was pretty funny. The lyrics walk around different areas like a dream, but there is some sinister (animated) stuff going on in there.

1% – The story of a guy who is put in charge of watching over a human transport ship in space while everyone else is in suspended animation.

Let me know what you think, especially about the new song (1%). I have another song in the works that I’m pretty exicted about. I’ll try to finish that up soon.


12 responses to “3 New Songs Posted”

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    I’m just waiting “33.33%” The cinderella story of an assistant greenskeeper, who comes out of nowhere to lead the pack at the Masters. But to keep it Garveyesque, it should take place on Saturn’s Moon.


  2. Last night 1% sounded good to me, but listening to it this morning wasn’t as good. It’s currently on probation. Maybe I’ll stop by the open mic tonight and try it out again.

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    I couldn’t play it. Everything looked like it was playing but no sound. And I did have the speakers on. I bet they’re good though!

  4. Weird. Can you play any other sounds?

  5. I likes, particularly 99%. Most people would have stuck a major chord at the end of that chorus, and I’m glad you didn’t. I like the melody line on 1% a lot too. Wanna do a split EP sometime?

  6. Is A still a major chord? That’s the last one I play in the chorus.

    Any time on the EP.

  7. Weird, in context it sounds very minor-key to me there. Hope my retired-music-teacher father doesn’t hear about this, I could get disowned.

    I’ll email you about the EP.

  8. The chorus goes
    A#, C, D, A
    A#, C, D, A
    A#, C, D, A
    A#, C, A

    I play the last A open

  9. I really wish you’d just curse in “99%”. Good shit.

  10. I say “hell.” Does that count?

    And if you ever want to play the song, feel free to change the lyrics.

    Freaking is not just the censored version of fucking. Freaking is more of a frustrated adjective whereas fucking is an angry adjective. You’d never say, “You killed my family! Die freaker!”

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    I think what ARoss may be picking up on the half-step intervals you like to throw-in (e.g. going from A# and ending on A) I know I’ve commented to you about that, as in my personal BG fave, “Lesbian” or in geekspeak we call that one IALTIAMB ……

    If anyone would like to attend the full-credit symposium on the artistry of Ben Garvey please see your local registrar…..