So Long y100

The word on the street is that y100 is changing formats. This makes sense considering Grape Street’s Tuesday Night Music Club switching to WMMR and some of the DJs moving there, too.

The last station I liked in this town was WDRE (103.9) which switched to a hip-hop station when I was in high school. It was bought by RadioOne and they just bought y100.

Originally, y100 was a replacement for the old top 40 station, Eagle 106, when they decided they could somehow make more money playing shitty elevator jazz. When WDRE changed formats, a bunch of the DJs left to work for y100 which then changed to a modern rock station.

Update: I tuned to 100.3 today and they are playing hip hop. More on this.

Update: Here’s a link for anyone who wants to bitch about the loss of y100.

Update: According to FMQB, the last song they played was Pearl Jam’s “Alive.” They should get their FCC license revoked just for that cheesey stunt.


4 responses to “So Long y100”

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    It’s a sign of the times. Look what’s selling. It’s all hip-hop related. And artists from Tim McGraw to Linkin Park are enlisting guys like Nelly and Jay-Z to duet. But I expect the slack will have to be picked up somewhere.

  2. I read that the Beat was the 8th ranked station in terms of ratings. y100 was 7th.

  3. Good riddance.

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    so I guess radio sucks now.