My Freshman Year of High School

Today I went through my parents’ basement to see if there was anything else I could sell on eBay and I came across my freshman high school yearbook (1993 – 1994). Check out how slick I was back then:

That’s me and Sister Renata, my 9th grade math teacher.

Read on for an article I wrote for the school paper.I also found an article I wrote for the school paper on local bands. Check this out:

I can’t believe I wrote “combine Rage-ish guitar licks with dueling in your face vocals.” Two interesting things from that article are that Cinch (now Sinch) are signed and A Roger 7 is still playing around as Secession


12 responses to “My Freshman Year of High School”

  1. Wow, it’s cool to see you’ve been supporting the neighborhood bands for a long time. Not a bad writing style for a 9th grader too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That newspaper article was probably from my Junior or Senior year. I cringe when I read most of my old writing.

  3. PrincessPink Avatar

    sweet blazer. haha.

  4. Two best lines from your article:

    “Many of these bands have crummy equipment…..”

    “….these guys sound like complete Pearl Jam rip-offs, including the oversinging about apathy and their dreams and whatnot.”

    “Whatnot” is one of the coolest words ever, and I’ve never heard it used better than in that sentence.

  5. That’s really awesome. Bad ass Catholic Rocker huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And hey, I wouldn’t of pegged us as being near the same age. (You’re a year older). You look much more slick and cool then I ever was in highschool though.

  6.  Avatar

    i can’t believe that PVI let you get away with writing about “flatulent chicken”. the secession movement broke up; dave downham now plays in condor and co-owns gradwell house recording (right in haddon township!) while dave dworanczyk plays with the silence kit.

    – james

  7. The school paper was pretty lenient. I don’t think they ever censored anything I ever wrote.

  8. Yeah, the “dreams” part is great.

  9. I saw sister Renata about a year or two ago, too.

  10. I think you look cute Ben. I forgot how short Sister Renata was. Or, I should say is. From what I know, she is still with us.

  11. Thanks mom.