OMI 2005 Has Begun!

The first Odd Man In game of the New Year is now underway. OMI 2005 started with an amazing 48 players! Note: The email all players received contained a message from the last game. Obviously, the moves for this game will not be shuffled around Christmas. The first moves are due Tuesday night!

I made a few changes to the game interface, but they are definitely for the better.

New Features:
1. Click on someone’s avatar and it will show only the messages to or from that player.

2. The load speed of the page should be drastically improved at later levels. Last game really slowed down at the end, but that should be fixed.

3. You no longer see your character at the top of the list. Part of the speed up eliminated my ability to put you at the top, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Just remember to look at the welcome message to see who you are. Your name should still be in bold face in the “Players and Moves” table.

4. The stats page has been updated to show stats per round rather than per game. This makes more sense since some games have many more rounds than others. You shouldn’t be penalized for winning a 3 round game.

The first moves are due Tueday night (01/11/05 @ 11:59PMEST). After that, moves will be due every weeknight. Good luck!

Update: Props goes out to the Independant Gaming Source for giving Odd Man In a plug.