Mr Green’s Recap

Mr Green (Cerulean) finished 2nd in Shoot the Moon and posted a recap of the game from his perspective. It’s a great insight into how this game works.

I had a feeling I should have just not fired in the last round, but meh. The only disappointment I feel seeing the final results is that Rex died in the first round. That probably explains why I was able to make it to the end.

For the newbies, my handle over there is “Cerulean” (Add that one Ben!)

So here’s my game:

Round 1: Began my one true alliance of the game, Mr. Teal. Ignored an invite to Gang Green from Smurf because I found the presentation off-putting. Then once Gucci joined and my buddy Teal was getting sucked in, I agreed.

Round 2: Smurf irks me with his loyalty test of Emerald. Olive autokills after not doing a damn thing for us. I always figured he was how word got out early about the Green Alliance, but I’m not sure.

Round 3: Gang Green’s big clusterfuck. If I recall the plan accurately, Gucci accidently gave Pink a third shot from us. This was the point at which I said to Teal “I can’t work with these people, let’s kill them a couple rounds from now.” I was also wondering why no one was trying to kill us yet.

Round 4: Teal and I start making our non-Green contacts. I pulled out some brilliant bull shit to feed Pink, even though I’d shot him twice. At this point I saw no reason not to hide the obvious Green alliance, so I told Pink all about it, except I conveniently left out that Teal was ever involved. I said I was annoyed with Chartreuse/Lime, so I botched their kill of Pink on purpose. Pink wanted me to help him kill his partner, Maroon. Instead the fuckers shot me, but I blocked. I think this is also the round when I sent Mr. Blue an anonymous tip that Chartreuse was the Green leader, but they killed Emerald instead. Meh, he was expendable.

Round 5: My partial truth to Pink pays off, as the non-Greens include Teal in a plan to wipe out Chartreuse, Lime, and me all at once. Pink/Maroon were to shoot Chartreuse (and they did), Blue and Yellow were to shoot Lime (but Yellow never checked in and autokilled instead), and Brown and Teal were supposed to shoot me (Ha!). Meanwhile in Gang Green, I had planned to protect Pink and push for Maroon to go instead, but I didn’t have to work for it because Smurf was always good about picking the targets I wanted anyway. Near the end of this round, Brown is asking me what’s going on because he doesn’t want to spoil a kill, so I suggested he shoot himself or no one because everyone had a partner at that point. I think that exchange, and some that followed, are why Brown never went after me in the second to last round. This was the most exciting (and exhausting) round. And I lived on my birthday!

Round 6: Had the plan succeeded, this round would have been Green/Teal/Pink/Brown/Yellow, putting me and Pink on equal footing because Yellow was sort of working with him. Instead it was Green/Teal/Lime/Pink/Brown, which was MUCH better for me because I had a relationship with everyone left in the game. Two things were amazing about this point in the game. First, Teal was still perceived as a free agent even though three out of five rounds he fired with confirmed Gang Green members. Second, even though the plans this round to eliminate Lime and Pink fell through and no one died, it played out such that all of my alliances still thought I was loyal to them. Pink defended himself instead of shooting Lime because he got spooked that I didn’t answer his messages all day and he thought I had turned on him. To be fair, I had, I just wasn’t the one shooting him. Told the spaz he needed to chill and that I can’t get to the game from work, which was true.

Round 7: Exhaustion sets in, and Pink fucks up a billion messages. I think at least three of the public messages were accidents. Up until then, I thought he’d played a great game, but I can’t work with incompetence so I dropped the sack of crap right there. Gucci I perceived as just following orders from me or Smurf the whole game. Brown was my would be Final 3 partner now. He wanted to go after me to break up the now exposed Pink/Green alliance (Teal was awesome at gathering info), so I fed him this wonderful crap (true crap mind you) that I’d never lied to him and I’d rather lose to him in the finals than take Pink or Lime. Pink had told me he was either shooting himself or no one, so Teal gambled and won. Meanwhile I committed my one open act of evil and betrayed Gucci.

Round 8: Brown says he’s shooting Teal, and I get sloppy and buy it. I’d actually thought of changing to shoot no one, but the awful Apprentice finale distracted me and I forgot about the game until this morning. Rounds and rounds of playing everybody and someone finally played me. I deserved it.

Next game, I’m playing lazy. If someone snags me for an alliance, I’ll go along with it, but I’m not going to work like I did this time. More or less, I’m just being an extra body for the next game.

Thanks Ben! I had tons of fun.


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    The simplest explanation is likely the best one. Olive gave nothing away, he just forgot about the game – it not being an integral part of his existence (yet!) – and autodied.

  2. Probably.