Mr Brown Shoots the Moon!

Mr Brown, aka zahno, survived 8 grueling rounds to beat a field of 25 Odd Man In players in Shoot the Moon. The final three was made up of Mr Teal (Michael), Mr Green (Cerulean), and Mr Brown. Zahno is the infamous Jason Zahn of the GameShow. Here are the official results:

Mr Teal was killed. Mr Teal posted his diary on the Internet and then shot himself in the taint.
Mr Brown was shot at by Mr Brown and Mr Green, but he survived.

Score Update:
Mr Teal now has 2 points
Mr Brown and Mr Green were both left standing, but Mr Brown won by decision.

Mr Pink gets the Swiss Cheese award. He was shot the most times! (10)
Mr Chartreuse gets the Killer award. He had the most kills! (2)

How embarassing for Mr Teal.

Did Green and Teal make the right moves to better their chances? Based on their previous moves they were definitely working as a team. They could have blocked Mr Brown’s victory using the following moves.

Green shoots Brown
Teal shoots no one


Teal shoots Brown
Green shoots no one

Because the final three round is an odd kill game (it takes an odd number of shots to kill you), Brown would not be able to counter this move and instead would either make Teal or Green the winner.

I hope you all had fun in this game. Make sure you join up the next game, Holiday Shootout!