Pixies @ Tweeter Sunday Night

The 2nd show was awesome, but which night was better? It’s hard to say. The set lists were rearranged and about 5 songs were switched. “Here Comes Your Man” and “Winterlong” were great, but the best addition on Sunday night was the double treatment of the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Head On.” Kim Deal played it in C# instead of C so Frank was like “Well we have to play it again.” The 2nd time was even better.

The other cool thing about the show was the guy next to me. He played air guitar during the Pixies’ entire set like he was practicing for the air guitar championships. Whenever he took a break from jamming, he’d cover his ears for a while and then start tearing it up.

My theory from Saturday night that they didn’t mean to play the slow and fast versions of “Wave of Mutilation” was put to sleep when they did it Sunday night, too.

I’m trying to track down a recording of one or both nights. If anyone has any info, let me know.

Read on for the set list.Set list

in heaven
wave of mutilation (uk surf)
here comes your man
la la love you
bone machine
no. 13 baby
head on (kim playing in c#)
head on (kim playing in c)
crackity jones
something against you
mr. grieves
river euphrates
mokey gone to heaven
broken face
isla de encanta
i bleed
wave of mutilation
gouge away
where is my mind?
nimrod’s son (second verse played fast)
— ————————————-


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    My review of the night can be found at http://www.whippedcreamandsand.com

    I also have a pixies boot from Calgary that is basically the same concert.


  2. Good review of the bands. I’ll have to post it and comment on it later.