Pixes @ the Tweeter Center in Camden Saturday Night

Last night’s Pixies show at the Tweeter center was awesome. They crammed in so many songs from their 5 albums. Highlights of the night for me were “Isla De Encanta,” “Wave of Mutilation,” “Debaser,” and “Bone Machine.”

They opened with “Velouria,” but didn’t play too much else from Bossanova. The set definitely favored songs from Come on Pilgrim, Surfa Rosa, and Doolittle, but they threw in “UMASS” and “Planet of Sound.”

The single omission that surprised me was “Here Comes Your Man,” but hopefully they’ll play it at tonight’s show.

At one point I think they may have changed up the set list when Frank Black (or Black Francis, or Charles Thompson, whatever) broke his telecaster and ended up switching to an acoustic after a short break. They ended up playing both the Surf UK (slow) version of “Wave of Mutilation” and the fast one in the same set. I don’t know if they would have done that otherwise.

The Bennies and the Datsuns opened up and here is my quick review of each. This was the 2nd time I saw the Bennies and they were great. They shouldn’t let their new bass player sing any songs though. Just a suggestion.

The Datsuns were terrible. Kevin said it best when he asked if there was a guitar pedal you could buy called “80’s.” Their set was filled with lame solos, guitar pivots, and tight jeans.

Overall, the show was amazing. I think tonight still has some tickets available, so if you’re on the fence about whether you want to go tonight… go!

Read on for the setlist (found on the Pixies message board)velouria
wave of mutilation
planet of sound
ed is dead
gouge away
bone machine
something against you
*stage banter/jokes
in heaven
wave of mutilation (uk surf)
holiday song
where is my mind?
nimrod’s son
mr. grieves
crackity jones
isla de encanta
no. 13 baby
broken face
i bleed
monkey gone to heaven
— ———————-