Open Mic Recap @ The Caribbean Crab (10/27/04)

Last Wednesday I went to the open mic Halloween party at the Caribbean Crab. Who did I go as? The Greatest American Hero (pics here, history of the character here). I thought I had the costume contest locked up, but I ended up in 5th place! I even played the freaking theme song. Maybe next year I should be something people remember.

I played “Believe it or Not,” the theme to the Greatest American Hero, along with 99%, and Why Now Satan. I was pretty pissed that my pickup wouldn’t work, but I figured out what the problem was. A wire inside my guitar came loose and it worked fine when I fixed it. Thanks to Justin for letting me borrow his guitar.

Some of the other costumes I liked were the swing state, Shaq Daniels, and Brooke the alien. I still have no idea who Justin was supposed to be. Check out pics of the event here.


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    That’s hilarious! You deserved mad points for playing the theme too. But I think maybe folks don’t pay much attention to detail.
    I seemed to be the only one enthused about my Mike Nesmith outfit (insert link here to pic w/ green hat, big belt, six-button shirt, and guitar). I had guesses of The Pied Piper, and Robin Hood(?!), but no one spotted me for Nez.