Kilpatrick @ A Gazebo in Haddonfield

On Saturday I watched about half of Pat Hipp’s set in front of a gazebo near mars-red. He makes fun of himself and others in between songs and that’s the best thing about Pat’s gigs. He even announced to the bewildered crowd his identity in the current game of odd man out, and by crowd I mean 7 people.

Still, people were listening on a relatively poor weather day in Haddonfield. Various dogs and cats were making a lot of noise during the set, sort of like when they sense an earthquake forming, a tsunami approaching, or a Pauly Shore comeback. They proved to be correct when Pat ended his set with his rendition of Sisqo’s “Thong Song.” I liked how he started the intro normally, “This thing right here, Is lettin all the ladies know,What guys talk about,” but then said, “Actually, I’ve never heard any guys talk about this. In fact, I prefer full bottoms.”

I also liked how he performed a pre-emptive strike on an unfinished song by saying most of the lyrics to his original song were “made up.” If not made up, I still wonder where the rest of the lyrics came from.