Round 1 Completed

Round 1 ended for the current game of Odd Man Out. Here are the results.

Mr Red was killed. Mr Yellow kicked him in the shins and then shot Mr Red in the cheek.
Mr Blue rode by on a bike and then shot Mr Red in the leg.
Mr Brown was shot at by Mr Cyan, but he survived.
Mr Orange was killed. Mr Orange threw him down the well so his country could be free and then shot himself in the ankle.
Mr Red brought over a bottle of whiskey. He offered him a shot and then shot Mr Orange in the spleen.
Mr Yellow was killed. Mr Gray drove up in an ice cream truck and then shot Mr Yellow in the chest.
Mr Black got all up in his grill and then shot Mr Yellow in the ankle.
Mr Purple was shot at by Mr Purple, but he survived.
Mr Magenta was shot at by Mr Brown, but he survived.

Score Update:
Mr Yellow now has 0.5 points
Mr Blue now has 0.5 points
Mr Orange now has 0.5 points
Mr Red now has 0.5 points
Mr Gray now has 0.5 points
Mr Black now has 0.5 points
The game continues…

Some of the game deaths are borderline engrish. I need to fix those. I also plan to clean up how the messages are displayed. The next round will end tomorrow at 11:59PM. Good luck!


One response to “Round 1 Completed”

  1. For those people in the game, I have a feq questions.

    Would you prefer that I only show the last 10 public and 10 private messages? You’d still be able to view the old messages via a link you could click on, but it wouldn’t load all of them every time.

    What do you think about the idea of revealing the identities of people as they die rather than at the end of the game? Or what about revealing the identities of the dead people, but only to the dead people. The people in the game would still not know who was who.

    Do you think the current game (odd man in rule) is more fun than the previous game (odd man out rule)?