Bugs and Suggestions

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for the game, use the comments here to tell me about them.


22 responses to “Bugs and Suggestions”

  1. For the next game, I think I will implement the ability to make anonymous posts. I think that will increase the amount of communication.

  2. I fixed the apostrophe problem in chat.

  3. I think I will stick the avatar next to the message so it’s easier to tell who it’s from.

  4. This has been implemented.

  5. I made Mr Green a littler greener and added a Mr Anonymous for anonymous posts.

  6. The comments here look horrible in every viewing mode except nested.

    I fixed a few message bugs and added a whole bunch more death methods. I also fixed the bug that made Pat shoot himself in the “” last game.

  7. Fixed the problem when displaying quotes.

  8. Added a bunch of new avatars (Up to 28 possible players now)

    Dead players end up at the end of the list now

    Game now shows messages you’ve sent and any public messages now say To: All

    Game rules changed to improve coordination and communication.

  9. Added in autokill and changed the game name.

  10. I added a message that confirms your decision to shoot someone. This was requested by a few players.

  11. Things I’d like to add:

    1. An indicator on what % of living players have submitted their moves for the current round.

    2. More stats based on per game information and by colors.

    3. The ability to set preferences for the number of currently viewed messages, hiding player avatars (for slower connections), and possibly displaying only x number of players at a time (for when we have too many players on one page).

    #3 will help if we ever reach my goal of having a few hundred players in a game.

  12. dark_smurf Avatar

    There seems to be a bug when you hit backspace on the comment window when sending a message that will cause a ‘Window expired’ message, and refreshing seems to resend a message already sent.

  13. If you choose to send the POST data again, there isn’t much I can do. I’ll look into it.

  14. Gave Mr Cyan, Mr Magenta, and Mr Orange better looking avatars.

  15. Mr Pink, too.

  16. My Public Messages are not showing up. I’ve tried clicking on 10 and 25 and all that, but nothing happens.

  17. which game?

  18.  Avatar

    The default of sending a signed, public message is dangerous as can be seen in the current game. Perhaps create an interstitial page to confirm the message before posting it.

    Easier, and perhaps more effective, would be rrevamping the default to send a message to oneself instead of everyone else. That way the chance for accidental mass-mailing is minimized.

  19. This has been discussed and I came to the conclusion that the occasional unintended public message actually makes the game better.

    If I made the change, I would implement your 2nd suggestion. For now it stays.

  20. artisanxxy Avatar

    Wow. *This* is weird. I shot at someone this round, yet was autokilled. Got the confirmation notice and everything, and yet was autokilled. Any explanation, Ben?

  21. artisanxxy Avatar

    One more thing in reference to this, Ben: several of my public and private messages were being double posted for some reason. Could this be related to the buggy autokill?