Description and Rules

Welcome to Odd Man In, a game of guns and game theory.

Your objective is to be the last man left alive in the game. To do that you’ll need to outwit the rest of the players in the game.

After a certain number of people join the game, player identities are assigned and the game begins in round 1.

A player identity is your name and avatar (i.e. Mr Red, Mr Blue, etc.)

Your real identity is not revealed and should remain secret during the game. If you reveal your identity inside or outside the game, you will be booted from the game immediately even if you are lying about your identity.

If you die, you are allowed to publicly state that you are dead unless you are among the final fifteen players. Anyone in the final 15 must keep their alive-or-dead status to themselves until the game ends.

During the game you can send private messages to individual players or public messages to everyone in the game. You can make your messages anonymous if you’d like. Each round you will decide to shoot someone, no one, or yourself. Not making a move is considered the same as not shooting anyone.

Note: The following rules should be followed when sending messages to other players.
1. Do not spam the same messages over and over or with the intention of pushing messages off the page.
2. Do not send any obscenely sexual or graphic messages to other players. Taunting is allowed, but harassment is not. If someone sent you a message that you think violates these rules, let me know.

Once the game starts there will be a period of 2-3 days before the first round ends. After that rounds will end every weekday at 11:59PM EST (8:59PM PST).

A player dies if he gets shot an even number of times unless there are only 3 players left. If there are three players left then an odd number of shots will kill you. Dead players obviously don’t move on to the next round.

For the purposes of this game, 0 is not considered an even number (or an
odd one).

If you shoot someone and they die, your score increases by the total number of times they were shot. So if 2 people shoot someone, they’d
each get 2 points. If 4 people shoot someone, they each get 4 points.

In the event of a two person tie, the person with the most points wins. If they finish with the same points, then the player shot the fewest times wins. As I said above, if there are three people left then an odd number of shots will kill you.

You die if you forget to make a move. You can still choose to not shoot anyone, but in that case you’ll have to do so explicitly by selecting “No One” and clicking the “Fire” button.

Also, remember you can change who you’re shooting right up until the round ends. The drop down box should automatically select the person you’re currently shooting when you reload the page.

All admin messages are given by Don Colorone.

New: Some games may have assassinations enabled. If so, be extra careful with your identity! If you can match someone’s username with their username they will die instantly! If you’re wrong, then you die.

You may only play a single account. Any player caught using multiple accounts will be banned from the current and possibly future games.

Good luck.