The Black Keys @ The TLA

I just got back from seeing the Black Keys at the TLA. They’re a great two piece, garage-blues band from Akron, OH. The sound was kind of weird for the first two songs, but then they rocked into Thickfreakness and it sounded great. Thickfreakness isn’t one of my favorite songs on the CD, but it sounds 1000 times better live. The songs they played from the new album sounded good and they played most of the songs I really like from the first two (Do the Rump, Hard Row, Set You Free, Have Love Will Travel, etc.)

At one point, Dan Auerbach mentioned playing for an ACLU benefit. He said, “We got to meet Lou Reed and he was an asshole.” hah.

Nothing could top their show at the North Star Bar last year, but they sounded awesome tonight. Definitely check them out if you get the chance.

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