Open Mic Recap @ The Caribbean Crab (9/29/04)

Justin Taylor hosts the The Caribbean Crab’s open mic every Wednesday and it’s usually a good time. He does a raffle every week and gives away odd items he found around the house or at a dollar store. Performers and patrons are encouraged to donate prizes for the raffle. Last week I won some weird hippo sponge. Some of the other prizes included a recorder, a rubber lizard pen, and some play-dough.

The crowd seemed to enjoy my set containing “Why Now Satan?,” “The Genius of it All,” Johnny Cash’s “Big River,” and Nirvana’s “On a Plain.” I didn’t break any strings which broke a streak I had going at the Crab. I stuck around for a while to catch the band after me. I think they were called Mirror Theory.

You should definitely check out the Crab’s open mic tomorrow, because 101.5FM will be recording for a radio broadcast and possibly a Crab compilation.