I Moved?

I found this on the Forest Greens website today.

Ben Garvey
An acoustic rock artist who previously ran the Open Mic Night at the Treehouse. He has since moved away to California. But, I’m assuming he’s continuing his career. So if you live out West, visit his awesome site!!



3 responses to “I Moved?”

  1. told ya people said you moved to cali.

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    The Forest Greens! appoligize for our horrible mistake! We were apparently misinformed! i’ve just mixed the website, so all is well. Sorry bout that!

    – Mike Romano of The Forest Greens!

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    oh yeah, i made two spelling mistkes above, but i guess you can tell what they are. (“mixed”is supposed to be “fixed”, and apoligize has 1 p and not 2.

    – Mike Romano (of The Forest Greens!)