Crazy email

I got this email from someone in England.

hi i thought that id drop you a line and let you know how much i liked your music, a friend told me about you so i decided to check it out on the net.

The other reason for this email is that i was wondering if you could autograph anything and send it too me, i know its cheeky but as a student at the start of a new year with over ?300 worth of equipment to buy i cannot afford to write and including sae etc so i was wondering , if i sent you my address would you be able to sort something out, i know how busy you are and i respect that but i really would be gratefull. my address is Laura [ADDRESS AND LAST NAME REMOVED], uk

thank you ssssssoooooooo much – possibly in advance

yours truely


I asked her which songs she liked and she replied, “i cant actually remember as i have only listened to little bits.” Bizarre.


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  1. i had a fan in australia

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    apple of discord (and other bands we know) would get a lot of emails like the one you got. most of the time it was from overseas – germany, france, uk, aus, italy, brazil, etc. with a variety of situations like “i’m poor”, “i run a fanzine”, “i have a radio show”, “my band is learning your songs”, but a lot of these people were full of crap and just wanted free cds from the u.s. without having to pay for them, or were just screwing with us. we can’t be shelling out six bucks in overseas shipping to every pablo, thom and hans out there, who may or may not even really exist. a little research went a long way in determining which requests were legit.

    one neat one we got though, was from a principal in texas who bought our cd and wanted an autographed photo. i didn’t believe it at first (i figured it was some kid AT the school maybe) until i googled him and found his school’s website. i emailed him through there and sure enough, it was a legitimate request. i told him we didn’t have any photos but maybe i could draw something. he never wrote back.