Crazy Week

I can’t even believe how busy the past week has been. I had a blast and it would take me forever to devote an individual post to each day so let’s plow through all of them…

Wed 6/23 – Open mic at the Tree House
I’ll still do the whole open mic recap as usual, but I have to mention Bernard’s outfit. Gold shiny shirt with a Donald Duck hat. Yes, the one with Donald’s bill as the brim. Photo by Jason Vertucio.

Thursday 6/24 – Rehearsal for Mike and Corinne’s Wedding
Two great friends of mine got married over the weekend and I was the best man! Their rehearsal dinner was really nice and I had a great time. Mike gave me a pair of Phillies tickets, which I just used last night.

Open Mic @ The Crab
After the rehearsal dinner I stopped by the open mic at the Carribean Crab, hosted by Justin Taylor. I played a few songs, busted a string, and listened to the other musicians. Justin played a few and so did Brooke McAleer, Sri (who I knew from his days with the Smith System, and a few others.

Friday 6/25 – Sarah’s Dance Recital
I’ve been going to my sister’s recitals since she was a little kid. The quality of their performances have gone up so much in the last few years and out of all the good dancers in the group, my sister is the best one. Everyone agreed afterwards that not only is she technically a good dancer, but she conveys to the audience that she loves what she does and is having a great time on stage. I’m really proud of her.

Saturday 6/26 – Mike and Corinne’s Wedding
I’ve been friends with Mike since freshman year of high school and I was psyched when he asked me to be his best man. There was a little problem with the transportation (Trolley broke down), but the problem was resolved and everyone got where they needed to be. The morning of the wedding I practiced my speech a few dozen times in front of the mirror. My hand was shaking when the time came for me to give the toast, but after I got started it went pretty smooth. Everyone laughed at my jokes and I only left out one line. I intended to say, “My fiancee would like to point out that Corinne has also drastically improved Mike’s wardrobe.” The reception was awesome and I had a great time. Congratulations to Mike and Corinne and I’ll see you guys when you get back from your honeymoon.

Sunday 6/27 – Dodgeball
My brother and sister asked if I wanted to go see the new movie Dodgeball. I heard it was funny I said yes even though there are a lot of other movies out right now I’d rather see. It sucked and then some. It’s filled to the brim with idiotic jokes. Yes I know it’s supposed to be dumb, but all you need to do is watch Homer Simpson for 10 seconds to realize that dumb jokes can be clever, too. Occasionally I laughed at Rip Torn’s incoherent motivational messages (“You look like a bunch of retards humping a doorknob”), but overall I took nothing from this movie except a slight desire to play dodgeball.

Monday 6/28 – Phillies Game
Jeanne and I used the tickets Mike gave me to see the Phillies stomp the Expos 14-6. David Bell hit for the cycle (homerun, triple, double, single), although I think his triple should have been a ground rule double. It looked a fan touched the ball from where I was sitting and the ball took an odd bounce. Still, it was fun to see Bell have such a great game along with Pat Burrell and Bobby Abreu.