eBay, Vicious Circle, Saving Animals

I put a few things up on eBay earlier. Feel free to bid on them.

My ears are still ringing after last night’s Vicious Circle show at the Troc. Jeanne was really impressed with Vinny’s guitar prowess, as was everyone else who had yet to see and hear him in action.

Today I saw a baby duck lying on his back and quacking his head off. It’s mother was already walking away with two other ducklings. I assumed the baby would be able to right himself quickly, but after a minute or two he was still on his back, kicking his legs and squawking. At that point I thought he might have been hurt. Carefully, I walked over to flip him and fully expected the lame duck’s head to fall off or spin around like a scene from the Avian Exorcist, but instead the baby duck got right on his feet and hauled ass back to his mother.

He probably would have been eaten by a cat if I hadn’t helped him. Hopefully I didn’t doom the duck species by helping an idiot stay afloat in the gene pool. If he grows up to be the Einstein of ducks I should get a few bonus points for my good deed.


3 responses to “eBay, Vicious Circle, Saving Animals”


  2. Free shipping if you want to pick it up at the Tree House.

  3. i’d bid on the sidewinder thing if i didn’t hate that deutchlander in collingswood……..