Collingswood Rocks ? The May Fair

Collingswood Rocks ? The May Fair
May 29th, 10-5pm

When I moved from Philadelphia to NJ in 2001, I figured the opportunities for a performing artist were pretty well diminished. Aside from settling into my thirties, with two kids and a steady nine-to five, I was leaving the cultural center of the big city for the quieter, even ?boring? confines of suburbia, right? Well, before long I encountered local spots like Collingswood?s Living Room (now the Tree House). There I saw those three words printed on a sign – the three words welcoming any would-be musician, without discretion for race, creed, color, age, (or talent?) ? ?Open Mic Night?.
Now, musical opportunities like ?Open Mic? are not unique to Collingswood. Many area bars and coffee houses feature live music and maybe a night with an open stage. But Collingswood also boasts venues like The Scottish Rite auditorium hosting national acts. Besides the Tree House, there?s GrooveGround across the street too, if you prefer the intimate setting and coffee with your guitars. You can even catch live music on Saturday mornings at the Collingswood?s outdoor Farmers Market.
While past events in the area like the Newton Colony Arts Festival have discontinued (due to withdrawal of financial backing from the neighboring township/boroughs), Collingswood pushes ahead with it?s support of the arts with the 25th annual May Fair. I?ve enjoyed the past two May Fairs immensely, and this year?s promises to be quite an event. Besides the usual fair attractions like crafters, kid?s activities, food, and classic autos, there is MUSIC, and lots of it. There will be something like 16 music acts performing over four stages spread over the expanse of Haddon Avenue. And for the most part, it?s LOCAL music. Area bands Girl Upstairs, Every Other Thursday, and several burgeoning high school bands are scheduled, along with cover band No Relation, bluegrass band Jersey Grass, and Collingswood?s own Amber DeLaurentis.
Who needs Philadelphia? Collingswood rocks! I?m excited to be a part of it, too. See you next Saturday the 29th at the May Fair.

John Shaughnessy
(John Shaughnessy lives in Haddon Township, but sometimes he says he?s from Collingswood)


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