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Here’s an idea for a movie script. Let me know what you think. It’s a comedy where a guy goes to a hypnotist to do a past life regression. This is where your past lives are revealed to you under hypnosis.

During his first session the guy sees himself in the American Civil War, fighting on the confederate side. Then, it turns out in a past life he was really just a civil war reenactor. On his second session he thinks he’s Hitler or some other horrible person, but then realizes he’s only a body double. Lastly, during his final session he sees himself as Michael Jackson and the audience expects it to be a ruse but he really is Michael Jackson reincarnated. I know, Michael Jackson isn’t dead yet, but that just gives me more time to flesh out the script.


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    Wher is your head at Ben? that idea is like pieces of some weird dream patched together. It sounds like an idea that Andy Kaufman and Jack Handey (of “deep thoughts” fame) would pitch to Ed Wood.
    John S.

  2. I was exhausted when I wrote that, but I still think it’s a good idea.

  3. i think it could be a pretty trippy movie, if done right.

    i look forward to reading the screenplay.

  4. the guy would have to be played by Roz

  5. That sounds pretty cool.Here’s another way to tackle it:

    The dude does past life regression, and finds himself in a land of pirates and treasure and deserted islands…but it turns out he was really just some guy who ran the “Pirate of the Carribean” ride at Disneyland.

    He does another, and lo behold there he is with George Washington! But, it turns out that he was really just running the “Hall of Presidents” attraction at Disneyland.

    Then he does another, and it turns out that he used to be a prince who often wandered the kingdom and greeted his peasants! But alas…turns out he was just the chucklehead who played Prince Charming at all the Disneyland meet and greets.

    Perhaps the Disneyland element shouldn’t be revealed until the end (like he comes out of the trance right before tipoff each time), and we’re probably talking major copyright and intellectual property crap if you ever wanted to do it for real…but what would be cool is how his past life died (while on the job at Disneyland of course)….think of the possibilities with that one!

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