Last Friday’s Gig

Last Friday’s gig at the Tree House had its ups and downs. The ups were Sarah’s songs and the downs were mine. I replaced a string a few hours before the show, so I fought all night with my D-string trying to keep it in tune. It eventually broke during “Headstart,” leaving the audience without entertainment while I replaced the string. Other than that, I felt like I played the songs prety well. Tina did the sound and I was expecting the worst, but whatever she did it sounded great on stage. I think she turned the main volume up higher than I usually do, so maybe I’ll try that on Wednesday.

Sarah played beautifully and I’ll take any chance to hear her piano stuff. Her cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” was stuck in Jeanne’s head and my head all weekend. I’m glad I got the chance to do a show with her since she may be leaving town this summer. She’s a talented kid and a nice, genuine person.


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    thanks for coming mr. garvey it was a fun night.
    and psh, changing a string takes me like 20 minutes. hehe.
    omg I can’t log in cause i’m in school

  2. No problem. I was honored to play.

    I am getting good at changing strings. I did a super fast string change at Bamboo Bernies a little while back.

    My site should be banned from schools.