Get Discounts at marsRED

So far, I am loving Haddonfield’s new CD shop, marsRED. I put a Le Tigre CD on my wish list there and I guess they’ve been reading this site because they took one of my suggestions:

Hey Ben…
We got the LE TIGRE-S/T in stock. If you want to pick it up, it’ll be $9.89 w/ your 10% wish list discount. (Thanks for the idea!)


and here is the official email about the discount:

Hey all…
You want to know an easy way to save 10% off every time you shop? Just sign up for “MY marsRED” at (if you haven’t already), add items to your wishlist, and receive 10% off these items when you come in! Pretty cool, huh?
We’ll do our best to keep up to date with you wish list, but you can always give a call or e-mail to make sure we have something in stock before you stop in.
All you need to sign up is a legitimate e-mail address.
After you sign up, you’ll get an e-mail asking that you verify your account within 5 days. After you verify…you’re set! And don’t worry, we only use your information for store-related use…we will never distribute or sell any sensitive information that you provide. You are free to cancel your account at any time…just send us a message and we’ll remove you from the site.
Thanks for your business and we hope to see you soon…

Best regards,
Scott Wellborn


2 responses to “Get Discounts at marsRED”

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    Le Tigre is good stuff

  2. Yeah, I got it based on hearing your copy a few times.