Buffalo Wings

I love buffalo wings, as most normal, meat eating people do. There are a few places in this area that have great wings, but finding them can be difficult. Here are some of my favorite wing locations:

1. Buffalo Bills (Sicklerville, NJ) – By far the best wings I have had around here. I suggest ordering them “buffalo, hot,” although even the hot wings aren’t all that spicy. I’ve never tried their suicide wings. The sauce isn’t your typical orange wing sauce and it’s hard to describe. Just try it. I’ve gotten many people hooked on their food.

2. Ollie Gators (Berlin, NJ) – Order them well done, because they have a tendency to undercook them. When they’re fully cooked, their awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Independence Brew Pub (Philadelphia, PA) – I’ve only had these once or twice, but both time I really enjoyed the wings along with their micro brews.

Anyone else have any suggestions?


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  1. Phinny McGee’s (Bristol, PA) – They only serve one kind of wings in this little dive of a local bar. 20? garlic wings. The first time you get them, you have to fend off the strong scent before you can even get to them. After a while, they tend to get addictive, according to Brady Hicks. He actually counts how many days he’s missed the wings if he doesn’t get them weekly. My friend Jason Laczkowski (he’s about twice the man you are, and I mean it!) can easily handle 50 wings in one sitting. Or, two. Scary, I know. But I’ve seen it happen.

    MON – TUES – WED – 8-11PM, 20? WINGS

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    If you’re ever in or about Cleveland Ohio, try a place called The Winking Lizard. They have like 20 different kinds of wings, tuesdays are 15 cent wings, and the other food they have there (it’s all bar food – sandwhiches, ribs, etc) is really good also. In addition, though it changes every copule of months they have about 50 (you heard me, 50) different beers ON TAP. It’s pretty much the only good thing about Cleveland.