Ipowerweb Shrunk My Server Logs

I’ve had very few complaints about the host of this site, Ipowerweb. They’re cheap, fairly reliable, and full of features, but I don’t like the fact that they shortened the raw server logs from the current month to the current day. I don’t use them all the time, but they’re nice to have. I especially don’t like that they did this without telling me.


4 responses to “Ipowerweb Shrunk My Server Logs”

  1. Do they at least keep older logs around in a compressed form?

  2. No, but they run Webalizer on the logs I don’t have access to.

  3. Big deal. They should at least give you a week’s worth of logs, with older ones gzipped. A month would be great.

    What do they expect you to do with a day, just use it for debugging purposes?

  4. A day is almost worthless. I used to get a month, which is fine if you’re trying to track down an odd user or an annoying spider.