Firefox and Thunderbird

If you use the Internet with any frequency, you should not be using Internet Explorer or Outlook Express. The free alternatives are now much better and I’ll try to sell you on why.

Firefox – (formerly called Firebird, Phoenix, and Mozilla (sort of)), is the latest browser developed by a group of devoted software developers for the betterment of mankind. It features:

  • Tabbed browsing (you can bookmark a bunch of sites with one bookmark)
  • Pop up blocking, which can be disabled on a site by site basis
  • Support for nearly all web standards
  • Various themes to change the look of your web browser
  • No spyware
  • No ads
  • It imports your IE favorites automatically
  • It seems to save your passwords better
  • Tons of options to set

Thunderbird – Some of the same developers working on Firefix also came up with Thunderbird for email. It features:

  • Spam filtering
  • Good support for multiple email accounts
  • Tons of options for composing, receiving, and organizing your mail
  • Newsgroup reader
  • Themes to change the way it looks
  • Block remote images from loading, which is great for the spam that makes it through the filter
  • Plus, just about everything else you need for email, and none of the crap you don’t

Try them out!


4 responses to “Firefox and Thunderbird”

  1. i already uses Mozillla. And I likes it! It’s slower than Internet Explorer, and some websites don’t work, but I LOVE the tabbed feature! Everything in one Mozilla Window! ^_^

  2. Firefox seems to run faster because it doesn’t load the mail client, IRC client, news client, etc.

  3.  Avatar

    Firefox is spiffy, but unfortunately runs into some JavaScript problems on my employer’s intranet so it’s of limited us on my work machine. And my personal box is in the shop, and it’s a Mac, so I tend to use either Safari or OmniWeb there. But if those didn’t exist, Firefox would definitely do it for me.

  4. Yeah, I have to use IE at work to enter my hours in, but probably only because they have some artificial check in there to make sure you’re using IE. That’s pretty annoying.