Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

It was a fun night at the Tree House despite a problem with a weak microphone. Tons of good artists and I managed the time extremely well. Maybe I’m getting better at this…

1. Ben Garvey – I played “The Genius of it All,” “99%,” “All My Dreams are in Cartoon,” and Johnny Cash’s “Big River.”

2. Cynthia Bennett – Rumor has it she’s moving to California.

3. Sarah Allen – Her new original and Jeff Buckley cover sounded fantastic. She just updated her website, so check it out.

4. Greensleeve – I’ve listened to their demo a lot since they came out to the open mic a few weeks ago. These guys are good.

5. Roz King – Played a few good songs and did a Tom Petty song with Sarah Allen.

6. Bob Michel – Played three good songs, but I think it was at this point where I realized microphone #2 was kind of weak. It sounded ok, but I wasn’t getting a strong signal on the board.

7. Forest Greens – Eric brought his amp this week, but tuning problems delayed them on stage. It was a rough night for the Forest Greens.

8. Willie Tapps – Great set as always.

9. Jason Vertucio – Good thing he didn’t need to borrow my guitar because there is a Good Charlotte ban on it. Jason sounded good though and check him out tonight at Big Nick’s in Philly.

10. Bob – Played an Audioslave cover and then I thought he said he was going to play a Sting cover, but it turned out not to be.

11. Dom – Came out to play two of his originals and plug his open mic at Port City Java on Thursday nights in Deptford.

12. Will Sankofa – He did one song “acapulco” and sounded great doing it.

13. Frank & Frank – An odd duo, but I liked these guys. Frank #1’s song about a mouse had some really strange lyrics, too. They finished by playing the only song I remembered from my high school French class. I remember how to say the name of the song, but can’t remember how to spell it. It’s named after the road between the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De’Triumph. (It’s the Champs-Elysees, thanks Pat) Taking a useful language like French was one of my better decisions in life.

14. AJ & Mike – These guys closed out the show and were great. Supposedly they have tons of material and I’d like to hear a long set some day.


8 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House”

  1. The Champs-Elysees?

  2. The link didn’t give a reason for the ban. So why the ban? and thanks for mentioning the friday thing. and the tuesday thing. 😉 and i promise no more GC.

  3. Because they stink.

  4. You are my fact checkin cuz.

  5. but not that one song. it’s like the only good song they have!

  6.  Avatar

    Something lingered through the six year interim since I touched the French language. Mmm… French.

  7.  Avatar

    What song? After they signed to Sony and got a producer on board for their debut album, all of their songs turned from the standard pop punk to a sickeningly sweet version of the same.

    “Walk By” included, although that’s my favorite. And “Superman Can’t Walk”, which disappeared once they got signed, oddly enough. “Motivation Proclaimation” is good just because Jimi Haha from Jimmie’s Chicken Shack and Jarflys is screaming in it.

    I’ve got copies of their first two bootleg studio-quality EPs somewhere, with all those better versions and more. They’re circulating the internet somewhere if you look hard enough.

    But I’ve already said too much.

  8. yeah but “Day That I Die” is FUNNY!!! It’s all happy and cheery, and, HEY, I’m gonna kill myself today!! ^_^