Saturday’s Show at Marathon

Last night’s show at Marathon on the Square was a blast. Marathon is a pretty swanky place, but not too uppity. The food is good and the staff rocks. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Susan and Tim for having me. Two hours is a fairly long time for me to play and I had a feeling I might break a string. My low E string snapped during a cover of Todd Snider’s “Alright Guy,” but I was able to finish the song pretty well. I didn’t feel my voice straining until about 11:55PM, so luckily I only had to play another 5 minutes. I had a great time and I hope you guys did, too.

Read on for my set list…Why Now Satan
Opinion (Arctic Snow) – 1
Lord Only Knows
Alright Guy
On a Plain
The Genius of it All
I Hope I Die on the Moon
Folsom Prison Blues
Mr. Grieves
All my dreams are in cartoon – 3
Nightmare Hippie Girl – 2
That’s the Way The World Goes Round
16 – 18
I’m So Tired
I’m a Lesbian Trapped in a Man’s Body
Big River – 3
Daydream Believer – 2
Pay No Mind – 2
I Can Drink Any Woman Pretty
Cut In Half Blues
Serve the Servants

The numbers after each title are fret locations for my capo.


2 responses to “Saturday’s Show at Marathon”

  1.  Avatar

    Saturday’s Show rocked. I especially liked in Folsom Prison Blues, the line, “Probably smoking coffee, and drinking big cigars.” Anyway, maybe my mind was playing tricks but I don’t think anyone picked up on it. Oh yeah, great shot, looks like you were really jamming.

  2. This is Adam, right?

    The “Probably smoking coffee, and drinking big cigars” line is my contribution to the song. The picture rocks, thanks for taking it.